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Abstract seeks fine art in all forms that engages with both the crises and joys of our shared human condition. We seek art that engages the edge of now; we seek to explore a future forward zeitgeist with a respect for the gifts of the past. We are looking for both established and emerging artists across a broad range of genres. Our criterion is quality.

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Maypop by Paola Pierce

03 May 2018, Posted by admin in Music

Art: Alan Neider MAYPOP About the author:  Paola Pierce is a pianist and jazz composer from Cartagena, Colombia living in the Boston area since 2012. In 2017 she recorded her first album, self titled ‘‘PAOLA.’’ The digital version of the album was released on Jan 24, 2018…

#101: Union Card by Robert Lane Wilder

27 Mar 2018, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: IKEA Painting 7 by Alan Neider, @aneider52 #101: UNION CARD Quirky poets work this way connect point B to point A positing a perfect ineluctable poignance   Nestling into handsome line a bird’s eye view of human kind   So unfair this doesn’t pay card…

Art: Alan Neider, @aneider52 THE LITTLE YELLOW HOUSE she calls it. A yellow as yellow as any Dutch daffodil. She steers her tan Audi Fox up the driveway and pauses in her car until her favorite Cat Stevens song ends. Yellow has been her favorite color…

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