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Abstract seeks fine art in all forms that engages with both the crises and joys of our shared human condition. We seek art that engages the edge of now; we seek to explore a future forward zeitgeist with a respect for the gifts of the past. We are looking for both established and emerging artists across a broad range of genres. Our criterion is quality.

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Summary: Poem by J.I. Abbot

18 Sep 2017, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Camille Lewis, @camilleannise SUMMARY Why does your salt weigh so conscionably on my chest—why, why was our season preempted by another rerun of a summer; can we now catch and save it, and if so, will we use motion-capture tech, so we won’t even need to…

Art Feature: The Work of Camille Lewis

15 Sep 2017, Posted by admin in Art

ART FEATURE: THE WORK OF CAMILLE LEWIS                 In the Artist’s own words:   My name is Camille Lewis. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1992, where I still live and work today. I attended Savannah College…

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