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Abstract seeks fine art in all forms that engages with both the crises and joys of our shared human condition. We seek art that engages the edge of now; we seek to explore a future forward zeitgeist with a respect for the gifts of the past. We are looking for both established and emerging artists across a broad range of genres. Our criteria is quality.
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Unsaddled: Haibun by Ray Rasmussen

12 Apr 2017, Posted by admin in Fiction

Art Credit: “You are what you think you are” by Matheus Formiga UNSADDLED BY RAY RASMUSSEN Breakfast without a newspaper is a horse without a saddle. —Edward R. Murrow   I am six months into my experiment of not reading the daily newspaper. Instead I read…

Two Weeks Later… By Barry Basden

06 Apr 2017, Posted by admin in Fiction

TWO WEEKS LATER HE FLEW OFF TO AFGHANISTAN AGAIN It’s New Year’s Eve. Mark’s lying across the bed, not moving. “This is too hard,” he says. Poor baby. I love him and try to be a good wife. Johnny and Megan love him more than…

PTSD by Barry Basden

05 Apr 2017, Posted by admin in Fiction

PTSD The woman stands in the doorway, looking through mist toward the lake and tall firs on the opposite shore. Behind her, a man wheels himself to the fireplace, takes an iron poker and strikes at the fire, as if beating back war rising from…

Bodensee by Barry Basden

05 Apr 2017, Posted by admin in Fiction

BODENSEE They come for us just as we are leaving our lakeside villa, sold this morning for cash, a pittance in foreign currency. We escape by boat, all that we cherish in valises and sewn into our coats. We stand in the stern, watching tiny…

Vows by Barry Basden

05 Apr 2017, Posted by admin in Fiction

VOWS He was in country four months when the letter came. He read it again out back of the radio shack. Down the hill afternoon sunlight glinted off the flooded paddies. They were everywhere and he wondered if he’d ever get used to the smell….

We Are Frantic in Baton Rouge by Barry Basden

04 Apr 2017, Posted by admin in Fiction

WE ARE FRANTIC IN BATON ROUGE When I get to the docks, the negroes are burning the cotton. They cut open the bales and pour buckets of liquor over them. They set them ablaze and push them into the river. The bales, puffing like little…

You Belong to Me: Short Story by Kent Dixon

25 Mar 2017, Posted by admin in Fiction

Art Credit: “Lara Casandra” by Andre’ Goncalves  YOU BELONG TO ME You have to feel for this guy walking down the street on a clear, dry, almost blinding day somewhere in downtown Phoenix, a day twice beautiful because he’s recuperating from major surgery and is both…

Absquatulation: Haibun by David Cobb

24 Mar 2017, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art Credit: “The Battle” by David Conison ABSQUATULATION morning break steam from a cup of tea The Lark Ascending   The prop I use for my PC screen is a venerable English-German dictionary, vintage 1870, source of scholarship then, now pedantry. Once, during one of my…

Meltdown: Haibun by David Cobb

24 Mar 2017, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art Credit: Rizwan Ali MELTDOWN nights drawing in drops of melted wax form stalagmites The anticipated power cut. Office closed at four, as every day the past six weeks. Trams not running, she walks to the crèche to pick up her baby boy. To get home…

Video of the Week: Phantasma by Genesis Ilada

23 Mar 2017, Posted by admin in Video

This poignant short piece reveals the emotion of longing and grief. It explores the menacing gift of immortality. The song “Angel Homeward” by Moby emphasizes the actor Trevor Stines’ dramatic performance in an unknown period setting. Watch below:   This video was produced, directed and edited…


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