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Abstract seeks fine art in all forms that engages with both the crises and joys of our shared human condition. We seek art that engages the edge of now; we seek to explore a future forward zeitgeist with a respect for the gifts of the past. We are looking for both established and emerging artists across a broad range of genres. Our criterion is quality.


Art: Cyril Larvor, @cyrillarvor MEMOIR: FROM THE LIFE OF A KASHMIRI WOMAN BY NYLA ALI KHAN “Faith Consists in Believing When It Is Beyond the Power of Reason to Believe”—Voltaire I would venture to say that subscribing to religious traditions and maintaining an unshakable faith in providence…

Art: Muted Tears by Susan McCollum, @susan_mccollum_art WOMEN AS HARBINGERS OF PEACE AND CONSTRUCTION IN KASHMIR Twenty-eight years of armed insurgency and counter insurgency in Kashmir; the devastation rendered by militaristic discourse; the consequent sequestration in the Kashmir Valley; my physical and geographical remove from Kashmir;…

Becoming Kashmiri by Nyla Ali Khan

21 Nov 2017, Posted by admin in Memoir

Art: Between earth and sky by Silvia Forzoni, @silvia_forzoni BECOMING KASHMIRI As I write this personal narrative at a geographical and physical remove from my land of origin, the Valley of Kashmir, it is not halcyon time or idyllic days of my childhood that haunt my memory, but the disintegration…

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