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If Only the Swan by Toni La Ree Bennett

09 Jul 2018, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Teal Sea Hawk from Sea Hawk Series by Mick Ó Seasnáin




Dusk comes early to

a lake encircled

by five mountains.


A solitary swan stands

at the end of the pier

that seems to lead nowhere

as the fog rolls in

and cuts off its logical end.


On the boardwalk

fearless passeggiatori

reweave, with each step,

the ties that bind them


while a foreigner,

as loosely applied to life

as pigment to wet plaster,

huddles on a bench

at the edge of the liquid universe,


panic rising in his gullet

as the fog blends with the water

to become one sepulchral wall


the weight of stone

earth and water

against his chest

and he cannot rise.


If only the swan

would come back to shore.

About the author:

Toni La Ree Bennett’s verbal and visual work has appeared in Gold Man Review, Gravel, Poemmemoirstory, Puerto del Sol, Hawaii Pacific Review, Journal of Poetry Therapy, and Viet Nam Generation, among other publications. She is also a photographer and lives with a flock of feisty finches. Photography can be seen at tonibennett.com.

Art: Teal Sea Hawk from Sea Hawk Series by Mick Ó Seasnáin

In the artist’s words:

Mick Ó Seasnáin has continually attempted to farm his quarter acre lot in the small town of Wooster, Ohio while catering to the diverse and often unanticipated needs of his tripod-ish dog and three feral-ish children. His wife tolerates his creative habits and occasionally enables his binge writing. Find more of his work at https://tinyurl.com/MickOSeasnain.

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