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Oh, Honey by Anna Saikin

20 Jun 2018, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Thomas Kräher, @tkraeher.


I read once that every fig

Swallows a wasp whole—

Digests it with juice,

Dissolves it into sweetness,

Makes seeds from its wings.


My husband’s mother speaks

Of salt water marshes,

Snakes living in crawl spaces,

Old figs in corn syrup

Thick like movie blood.


I wait for the day when

I bite into a sweet center,

Close my lips around tender flesh,

Relish its cargo’s bitter sting

As I devour it.

About the author: 

Anna Saikin‘s poems have appeared in the Teacup Trail and the HWA Poetry Anthology Vol. 2. She received a PhD in English from Rice University. 

Art: Thomas Kräher@tkraeher.

In the artist’s words:

First contact with photography I had in the age of 18 after I had finished my apprenticeship as a sales man. I was working for a professional photographer to sell his industry reportage series to the companies he was working for. After many years, I explored that photography is a through inspiration for me while I was travelling heavily (for my profession in the travel retail industry. During my stay in these countries (sometimes for months) I explored the different cities by foot always in the sense not to visit the most know tourist places or attraction more to see what the city has to offer from another point of view as a citizen.

While I visited these places more recently for working reasons I got known each city better and better and this helped me a lot to explore the city each time from a different subject. Sometimes I concentrate taking pictures from buildings or architecture and design perspectives. Other times i was more looking for street art or other details I found on my walks.
My inspiration: Think through images and pictures, the image is the highest expression.
I never displayed or published any of my pictures before I started in February this year to show it on Instagram.
My other hobbies are travelling, cooking, sports, reading books,
My wish: one day to get the chance to publish my work to a wider range of people who understand my work and I can interact with them to learn and progress my work.


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