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Nothing Unusual by Peter Manos

06 Jun 2018, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Back View by Alexander Chubar


A new study was issued on Tuesday

on the institutionalization

of cruel and unusual punishment,

and fake news, hatred, and stupidity

which concluded what some leaders went through

as middle school students imbued miscues

in how large groups of human beings behave,

miscues due to continue for us all

but for a few lucky communities.


But for a few lucky communities

unless some new more conclusive studies

uncover other truths nobody knew,

we’ll still be reduced to brutal feuding

to see Andy Warhol—for all we know—

as having shown there’s no absolute truth

past cans of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup

for feeding and renewing U.S. troops

we find our spines in neutral positions

as we continue using beautiful

costume jewelry euphemistically

but nothing we do is value-neutral

once we allow absolute rules to rule

in the absence of a basis in truth.


In the absence of a basis in truth

before avenues misconstrued lead back

to useless middle school remnants in us

or Anderson Cooper’s newsroom humor

undo my adieu—as I am askew

anew—owing you another study

since the one from Tuesday was just undone.

About the author:

The poetry of Peter Arvan Manos has been published in Yellow Chair Review, Eunoia Review, Modern Poetry Quarterly Review, The New York Times, Atlanta Review, Provo Canyon Review, Avocet Poetry Journal, Parody Poetry Journal, Prolific Press, and the Elohi Gaduji Journal, among others.

Peter has written two poetry chapbooks, Walt Whitman’s Wolves, and Myriads. He also authors a monthly column on renewable sources of electricity in Transmission & Distribution World Magazine.

Peter grew up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, by shores that were beautiful or horrid depending on the tides, the wind, and whether or not you were looking toward or away from the sewage plant or garbage dump. He remains happily confused about the distinctions we make between nature and technology.

Art: Back View by Alexander Chubar

In the artist’s words:

Alexander Chubar holds a BFA from Hunter College and a MFA from the Pratt Institute. His work has previously been published in the William & Mary Review, Blue Lyra Review, Subprimal Poetry Art, The Tishman Review, and several other publications. More of his artwork can be seen at http://www.PaintingsDrawings.com

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