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Scaffolding by Colin Webb

23 May 2018, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Federico Federici


διὰ τῆς μείζονος καὶ τελειοτέρας σκηνῆς
listen everywhere as our great-great-great-grandmothers recall
at each circle of the city,
at every laugh of the family room,
& at each &/every recovery of the care-repress’d hope-webbing tangletree
Just how good it is(!)
that even the confessed defections of process itself might become subject
& watch forever as our great-great-grandfathers recall
at each nursing home driveway
that every ambulance pulled out of carrying
each &/every dementia-design’d pain-staging relative
Just how good it is(!)
that even the worst weeks of every confusion might become the insomnia of contentment
& listen everywhere as our great-grandaunts recall
at each charm of Eutaw Street,
at every cubicle of the business park,
& at each &/every recovery of the goal-recess’d draft-webbing account
Just how good it is(!)
that even the comatose career-binge of Saturn/Sunless non-days might impart indictment
& watch forever as our good god(!) granduncles recall
at each August mug
that every construction worker of I-795 stopped-&-go’d out of caring
each &/every blue-print’d pen-setting vape break
Just how good it is(!)
that even the lost hours of every paranoia might become the urge of consequence
& listen everywhere as our worst step-mothers recall
at each affair of Sandtown swell,
at every ghettosun’s swarming,
& at each &/every recovery of the sweat-repress’d civic-webbing T-shirt project
Just how good it is(!)
that even the retardation ( . . . ) of BPD “faux pas” might impart acceleration
& watch forever even now as our best husbands recall (when I can’t say clearly)
at each Hopkins class
that every freshman of finesse stopped &/or went on living for
each &/every drink-screw’d puke-supporting Friday night &/or flake-out
Just how good it is(!)
that even the boldest eternities of every Uni Pkwy fender-bender might become the
caffeine of contentment
& listen everywhere even now as our strongest daughters recall (yes now!)
at each stop of the Light Rail,
at every séance of skyscrapers,

& at each &/every recovery of the dire-recess’d plan-webbing turn of the root
Just how good it is(!)
that even the cheek-turns of bankaccount-drain might impart scholarship
& watch forever (‘specially now!) as our kindest son’s sons recall
at each moment of Bolton Hill
that every Solo cup skipped uncrushed by cat & strider
& at each &/every dank-jack’d plastic-laddering ‘Trashcollection Alley’
Just how good it is(!)
that even the incompletions of every sight might become the tinsel of consequence
& listen everywhere now as our nicest niece’s niece’s nieces recall
at each min of their morningrun,
at every joke fence that chained her down,
& at each &/every recovery of the trust-repress’d crest-webbing symbol of relative
Just how good it is(!)
that even the failed marathons of lost cartilage might impart history
& watch forever now as our grandest/greatest nephew’s great-grandnieces recall
at each livingroom in the ‘410
that every heavenly-burning fireplace fueled
& at each &/every memory of dead-form’d hope-holding passage of folks who’ll take
note &/or never will know
Just how good it is!
that even the confessed defections of process itself become subject

About the author:

Colin Webb is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. Recent and forthcoming publications of his poetry can be found in The Northern Virginia Review, Garfield Lake Review, Forage Poetry, Cha, Mad Swirl, The Northridge Review, and others.

Art: Federico Federici

In the artist’s words:

Federico Federici is a physicist, a writer and a media artist across the fields of soundscape, visual arts and installation. He lives and works between Berlin and the Ligurian Apennines. His website provides detailed information on his oeuvre, as well as video documentation, text excerpts and portfolios. His last book is “The way I discoverd the Berlin wall has fallen”.


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