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Infantilism by Brandon Marlon

23 May 2018, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Popovy Sisters


Neglecting kin, screen zombies eyeball

pixels, lured by clickbait with violent headlines

of some celeb getting slammed/destroyed/put on blast,

apparently unperturbed by the fact that

shade is something you sit in and don’t throw.


Just for funsies, they drool while binge-watching

like a boss adorable baby or animal videos

that give the feels,

else flesh-flaunting clips of legit twerkers

to excite the senses and stiffen the phallus,

soon primed for onanistic bliss.


Naturally, the chronic dilemma is whether

to post invidious selfies or food porn pics,

because take that! The struggle is real.


Though the bewilderness beckons, they seldom

forsake the great indoors save for Comic-Con

when cosplay is the order of the day

and their cray-cray tweens insist on

their making an attempt at socializing,

which is otherwise an epic fail.


Best. Poem. Ever!

About the author:

Brandon Marlon is a writer from Ottawa, Canada. He received his B.A. in Drama & English from
the University of Toronto and his M.A. in English from the University of Victoria. His poetry was
awarded the Harry Hoyt Lacey Prize in Poetry (Fall 2015), and his writing has been published in
200+ publications in 27 countries. www.brandonmarlon.com

Art: Popovy Sisters

In the artist’s words:

The Popovy Sisters, twins Ekaterina and Elena Popovy, are born and raised in Perm, Russia. Over the past decade, they have been perfecting hyper-realistic dolls paying close attention to each realistic human gesture, facial expression, and the infinite details when it comes to hair, make-up, and dress. The Popovy Sisters have a year-long waiting list to produce an actual doll for those invited to purchase, and now their followers are able to purchase fine-art photography of these dolls. The prints are produced by the highest quality materials and in small editions they are highly coveted and sought after. These photographs convey the overt style and femininity of each doll made by the Popovy Sisters. 

The Sisters have developed a cult following, accumulating a quarter of a million followers on Instagram. They have been featured in Vogue Russia, Flaunt Magazine, Oneg Magazine, and Huffington Post. The Popovy Sisters are exclusively represented by JM Management located in Los Angeles. 

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