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For by Joseph Carthey

23 May 2018, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Heaven by Judith Skillman


Shoved into a morning with the cold sigh
of someone rusted by responsibility
and its constraints,

There could be no way to silence
the spirited cluster of a station
angrily juvenile in its disquiet.

Cirrus hangs like salmon on a line,
flooded across the city and
half-sleeping, a landscape false

With no comparison to our
shitty bed east from here,
where nothing feels like work.

About the author:

Joseph Carthey, 22, lives in Gloucestershire.

Art: Heaven by Judith Skillman

In the artist’s words: 

Judith Skillman is interested in feelings engendered by the natural world. She strives to capture the interplay of light in borders between land and water. Her usual medium is oil on canvas or oil on board; her works range from representational to abstract. She has studied at the Pratt Fine Arts Center and the Seattle Artist’s League under the mentorship of Ruthie V. Visit JK Paintings – Art by Judith Skillman

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