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Hiding by Frank Candeloro

27 Mar 2018, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Welcome Museum Guests by Alex Duensing


Frequently I’ll go away and hide. It makes me feel better about things. It’s not something that as
a grown man I’m especially proud of, butI could be up to a lot worse. Sometimes I’ll tell my
wife I’m going for a walk, but really I’ll just go hide somewhere, maybe the shed or basement,
for an hour or two. I like being home when no one thinks I’m home. I’m not spying or anything,
but it’s nice hearing kitchen sounds from the basement, or yard sounds from the shed. Everything
just sounds a bit warmer when I’m hiding. My family sounds a bit happier.

About the author:

Frank Candeloro has published work in The Danforth Review, The Ibis Head Review, and has work forthcoming in Rascal. He lives in Ontario.

Art: Welcome Museum Guests by Alex Duensing

In the artist’s words:

Alex Duensing. Graduate of William Paterson and Columbia? Yes. Ran for St. Petersburg,
FL City Council? Yes. Won? No. Stopped Mayan Apocalypse on rooftop with performance art?
Yup. Strange but nice fellow? Clearly. Able to create mechanical engines that run completely on
the energy a person creates while appreciating a painting? On occasion.

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