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An Unexamined Life by Peter Manos

27 Mar 2018, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Pedrera Steps II by Linda Chapman, @linda_chapman_art



“An unexamined life is not worth living.”



Who’d seek to deduce truly unique views?

You’d need to refuse routines, to renew

youthful curiosity’s urgency

to fully see Socrates’ certainty:

He knew he knew nothing more than the fact

he knew he knew nothing. More than that fact

was his insistent inquisitiveness

glimpsed in this dictum he’s given us, which

seems to me to mean: “to undo untruths,

be questions’ pupils. Not just answers’ masters…”

About the author:

The poetry of Peter Arvan Manos has been published in Yellow Chair Review, Eunoia Review, Modern Poetry Quarterly Review, The New York Times, Atlanta Review, Provo Canyon Review, Avocet Poetry Journal, Parody Poetry Journal, Prolific Press, and the Elohi Gaduji Journal, among others.

Peter has written two poetry chapbooks, Walt Whitman’s Wolves, and Myriads. He also authors a monthly column on renewable sources of electricity in Transmission & Distribution World Magazine.

Peter grew up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, by shores that were beautiful or horrid depending on the tides, the wind, and whether or not you were looking toward or away from the sewage plant or garbage dump. He remains happily confused about the distinctions we make between nature and technology.

Art: Pedrera Steps II by Linda Chapman, @linda_chapman_art

In the artist’s words:

Linda Chapman is based in London, UK and has worked in photography for a number of years and exhibited widely in London and around the UK. More recently she has decided to concentrate solely on her personal work which is art photography and sculpture. Exploring a variety of subjects and materials and a combination of visual and verbal allusions to trigger metaphors and personal associations, she aims to reinvigorate the lives of everyday things. The end result being often playful, sometimes eerie but always stimulating.

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