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A Thief At 9 by Pawel Grajnert

27 Mar 2018, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Sasan Golbostani, @sasan_golbostani


Unchained, I

Saw the bicycle
Standing there.

And the sliver spoke,



About the author: 

Paweł Grajnert is a writer/filmmaker who works in the US and Poland. His work has screened at the Venice Film Festival, the Gdynia Film Festival and the Whitney Museum of Modern Art. Recently, his film, “Clean,” premiered at the Polish Film Festival of Los Angeles. He co-founded the Seattle Poetry Slam, and is active in local and international politics.

Art: Photography by Sasan Golbostani, @sasan_golbostani

In the artist’s words:

My name is Sasan GolbostaniI was born in 1957 in Lahijan,a beautiful city in North of Iran. My artistic activity is in the field of Persian Calligraphy and I started it in 1986. Finally , I have obtained the Artistic Certificate or the grade one in art that it equals PhD degree. But my activities in the field of photography started in 2007 and my interests are landscape photography, abstract photography, minimal photography, conceptual photography and straight photography.

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