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some assembly required by Steven Mayoff

03 Jan 2018, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Surfacing by Nathan Ramer@artwithnathan


is a proviso

attached to blessings

and revolutions


between mobility

and mobilization the road

is scattered

with thumbtacks

like seeds

sown out of adversity

a visitation

is but an invitation

to lift

oneself from

the sidewalk crack’s

back-breaking origins

where anyone is going

is guesswork

best left to those

wise enough

not to second guess

the signs

what motivates

the wind-chilled heart

can change

at a hairpin turn

a lone voice

can only embrace

the wilderness

of its choice

About the author:

Steven Mayoff was born and raised in Montreal, later on lived in Toronto, and moved to the bucolic splendor of Prince Edward Island, Canada in 2001. His fiction and poetry have appeared in literary journals across Canada and the U.S., as well as in Ireland, Algeria, France, Wales, England and Croatia. He has written two books of fiction: the story collection Fatted Calf Blues (Turnstone Press, 2009) and the novel Our Lady Of Steerage (Bunim & Bannigan, 2015). Upcoming is poetry collection Swinging Between Water And Stone, to be published by Guernica Editions in 2019. 

Art: Surfacing by Nathan Ramer, @artwithnathan

In the artist’s words:

Nathan Ramer is a 13 year-old self taught artist living in the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia. He creates abstract images using acrylic and watercolor on wrapped canvas. He was featured on abstractmagtv’s Instagram and website in February 2017. He may be reached at Nathan.ramer89@gmail.com.

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