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Marx Was Right by Carolyn Martin

31 Dec 2017, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Marie Dashkova@melodyphoto


History repeats itself

as tragedy,

then settles

into farce.

And so was Joyce

slogging through

his own nightmare,

and Napoleon


fable agreed upon.

Which leads me

to conclude

the last human sound

before the galaxy

consumes itself

won’t be a whimper

or a scream.

Rather, gasping stars

will hear

our groans.


as we think we are,

we’ll grasp life

was a fidgety dream

fabulists devised

to entertain our sleep.

About the author:

From Assistant Professor of English to management trainer to retiree, Carolyn Martin has journeyed from New Jersey to Oregon to discover Douglas firs, months of rain, and dry summers. Her poems and book reviews have appeared in publications throughout North America and the UK, and her third poetry collection, Thin Places, was released by Kelsay Books in Summer 2017. 

Art: Marie Dashkova, @melodyphoto

In the artist’s words:

My name is Marie Dashkova; I am 25, and I was born in Moscow, Russia. I currently live here. I started to be interested in photography at the age of 12 when I was studying photo-shop to create avatars and images for sites, so I decided to make selfies using old Sony video-camera that had photo options. I was inspired a lot; it became my hobby; now I could use not only images from the internet and photos by different artists, but I could also create something by myself.

Here you can find me:

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