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Goodbye L.A. by Blah Blah Blah

30 Dec 2017, Posted by admin in Music

Art: Patricia Figueiredo@art_of_patfigueiredo


About the musicians:

The band Blah Blah Blah formed in Chicago in 2007 and is still touring and performing today across the country and being heard around the world. Pioneers of the genre Ballroom Rock, Blah Blah Blah’s music has achieved recognition in lounge, indie pop, and ambient easy listening. The band consists of Solomon David Moss (vocals, guitar and piano), Byron Harden (bass), Dario Ecks (drums) and Phillip Ferguson (keys).

Some of their hits, Soon As I Get Home Tonight, Why Am I the Only One Laughing, and Goodbye L.A., have gained national attention from their three albums to date (Charm, Thank You Thank You and This Is For the Time).

Their ultimate goal with music is, “that of healing, nurturing, and unifying the discord in our world” (Solomon Moss).

Their music can be listened to on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and YouTube.

Art: Patricia Figueiredo@art_of_patfigueiredo

In the artist’s words:

My work in architecture fueled my creativity and gave me the drive to pursue artistic endeavors. I have been drawing since I was little, and it always put me at ease. I’ve worked with oil and acrylic painting before being drawn to collages. I feel that this particular technique helps me convey my point of view with great emotional accuracy.

This year I’m working on two major projects. The first is a collective exposition, a critique of our present days with the theme ‘Alice in Wonderland’. The other is the tarot cards as a book.

I tear, I split, I separate. Down the middle; at the seams. Sometimes it has a surgical precision to it; sometimes it is merely happenstance. The thing is, the eyes cannot be trusted, for all that light makes is never the same for long. So I bind my perceptions together, picture by picture, hoping to capture the ever fleeting continuums of myself.

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