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Current Status, January 20 by W.L. Winter

17 Nov 2017, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Firouzeh Bakhtiari@firouzeh_bakhtiari


Wild geese sing through icy branches,                         soft drops fall through a shallow breeze

A long wave of rain rolls northeast                               and in its wake a shock of bulbous clouds

burns a cubic inch of history

A flat expanse of cold mist hides a huddle                  of used-up doctrine that dissipates slow but

leaves a wound, what was once a window                   is now a murmuration of fools’ weapons

The golden hour turns brass, unearthed pride

drips down chins like black oil, an aberration           in the air distorts the banners as they kick

my cousins with new boots, proud of it                    

The binary weave grows taut, rhetoric flies                like finger birds. Under the city dome the

sky grows dark from flash-bomb smoke,                    but out here on whippoorwill hill the lone oak

still stands in the starry wind, reaching for me

About the author:

W.L. Winter posts regularly on the poetry sharing website Hello Poetry. Five of Winter’s poems have been selected for the Daily Poem there. Winter is also an occasional host and has been the Featured Poet at Oklahoma City’s longest-running monthly poetry open mic at Full Circle Bookstore.

Art: Firouzeh Bakhtiari@firouzeh_bakhtiari.

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