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Envy by Robert Ferrier

13 Nov 2017, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Philip A. Zimmerman, @philip.a.zimmermann


In my dream, I walk as Scott Momaday
rocks beneath boots, beside a stream
The breeze’s bite – winter’s presage

My voice pours the poet’s baritone
paints tropes – pine green
the stream’s icy flow – blue and diamond
Does peer from chambers – brown and green

Is envy an engine of art?
I’ll scream colors, paint black heat on white
drop my voice an octave
seek the syrup of his print read aloud

The doe presents herself
soft white patches on brown
eyes a battle of curiosity and fear

About the author:

Robert Ferrier is a retired university research administrator living in Norman, OK. He received a BA in Journalism and an MBA from the University of Oklahoma. He has published a novel, The Witchery Way, at Amazon Kindle e-books at amazon.com.  He has won the Norman Tree Photo contest twice. His photo, “Magnolia Morning,” was the cover of the Summer, 2016, Dragon Poetry Review. His photo, “Diagnosis in Stasis,” was the cover of the Fall, 2012, literary journal Blood and Thunder, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. His poems have appeared in Dragon Poetry ReviewOklahoma Today, Blood & Thunder, Crosstimbers, Westview, Mid-America Poetry Review, The Exhibitionist, Walt’s Corner of the Long Islander, and Red River Review. In 2007 the Norman Galaxy of Writers nominated him for Poet Laureate of Oklahoma.

Art: Philip A. Zimmerman@philip.a.zimmermann, Saarbruecken, Germany

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