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Where the Wild Things Were by Carol Davis Koss

23 Oct 2017, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art: Silver Lining by Andrew Flint Shipman


I have mislaid shadows
misplaced their sullen corners
I have lost light
swallowed dark’s debris
Midnight’s razor fells dawn
stricken in one rasp
Nothing is still
All – turned to stone

About the author:

By birth a New Yorker,  Carol Koss has lived in Oklahoma City for more than forty years. She has taught English, Creative Writing, and Remedial Reading to students from middle school through college; and in venues that range from wealthy suburbs to the South Bronx, from churches to prisons.  A graduate of the City College of New York, Koss has a masters in English from Purdue University and has done post masters work at Teachers College (Columbia University), and the University of Oklahoma.

Art: Silver Lining by Andrew Flint Shipman.

In the artist’s words:

Andrew Flint Shipman is an independent London based symbolist artist. From a British theatre family where he was brought up and worked before becoming a professional artist in 1989. He has exhibited in many solo & mixed shows in various counties. He paints ‘Positive Icons’ believing that what ever we do we need to put more positivity, love and peace back in to the world. He also  has designed a range of British made products featuring images from his work  for Andrew Flint Design.

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