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Art Feature: Chaos and Thread

16 Oct 2017, Posted by admin in Art
Art: All of Me by C.A.T aka Chaos and Thread


I was born in New Zealand and have lived most of my life in Auckland city.  I formalized my arts practice at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, achieving high merit in my undergraduate Certificate in Foundation and Certificate in Arts and Design. Although my background is illustration, I have now evolved my practice into pure abstract which facilitates my need for expression without the constraints of reality.  After being offered and completing a residency at Chateau Orquevaux, France, my need to continue my journey into abstract art as my main form of self-expression was confirmed.

Meet Me in the Depths

Paul Klee’s statement, “art does not reflect that which is seen, rather it makes the hidden visible”, is influential to my work and often at the forefront of my process.  The uninhibited self and the esoteric self are represented in my artworks by loose and free paintwork controlled by meditative thread work.  The simple square as a visual reference to the esoteric shadow self is often found in my artwork.  In more recent times, I have  been exploring the role of female sexuality and emotional vulnerability.  To capture the essence of self, hand-stitched lines showing a basic female form (with or without a counterpart), are added to vibrant, organic backgrounds, provoking an emotional response from the viewer.  Anais Nins’ writings and musings are influential in this new body of work. “Passion gives me moments of wholeness” – (Anais Nin), is often a starting point for these new investigations.  The conscious and sub-conscious esoteric self is explored through the physical and emotional feminine self.

More Myself than I

As a process driven artist, I enjoy experimenting with combinations of acrylic paint, ink and thread.  My paintwork often embodies a fabric-like quality, as it is removed from one surface to another, and hand-stitched and/or adhered into place.  Loose and free paint work is controlled by meditative thread-work,  – the uninhibited and the esoteric self explored on both planes; the physical and the emotional.

She Will Rise Again

Living close to the city and within easy access to New Zealand’s beautiful beaches and native bush, gives me the necessary juxtaposition of relaxation and excitement that enables me to create pieces that are at once calming and engaging.

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