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In Transit: Monochrome Study: Poem by Carol Davis Koss

18 Sep 2017, Posted by admin in Art, Poetry
Art: “The Ocean Odyssey” by Joe Papagoda, @papagoda


(mixed media)

A shepherd cedes ground
to cottages
within the bracken
Wild geese flesh the sky

and the sea –
whispers names
salts our wounds
speaks to the dead

Days collapse
buried and bare
drown in stone

and a north wind
scrubs our voices
with sand and lichen
measures and binds
our voices to an accounting
precise arid

and the sea speaks for the dead
and wild geese flesh the sky

…………….​​Carol Davis Koss Nov. 4, 2016

About the author:

By birth a New Yorker, Carol Davis Koss has lived in Oklahoma City for over forty years. She has taught English, Creative Writing, and Remedial Reading from middle school through college, in venues that range from wealthy suburbs to the South Bronx; from churches to prisons.  She is the author of Chapter and Verse (1997), Camera Obscura (2001 Oklahoma Book Award finalist), and Painted Full of Tongues (2002). Her poetry has appeared in numerous publications including Best Minds, Best of MAP (Map of Austin Poetry), Bomb: A Collection of Poetry by Oklahoma Poets, Long Islander Newspaper: Walt’s Corner, Poems for the New Decade, Broomweed, Nimrod,  Art Focus Oklahoma, Cross Timbers, and Elegant Rage: A Poetic Tribute to Woody Guthrie. A graduate of the City College of New York, she has a Master’s in English from Purdue University, and has done post master’s work at Teachers College (Columbia University) and the University of Oklahoma.  She currently serves on IAO’s poetry committee and coordinates the Full Circle Bookstore poetry committee.

Art: Myth Series: The Ocean Odyssey by Joe Papagoda, North Haven, Connecticut, @papagoda.

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