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Genetics: Haibun by Roberta Beary

24 Jul 2017, Posted by admin in Fiction

Art: André Gonçalves, @andre_goncalves_arts


Your eyes are big and round like your father’s

but while his are the color of the Irish Sea

yours are the color of the muddy fields

on my father’s land

fit only for the peasants who worked them.


abortion day

a shadow flutters

the fish tank



“Genetics” was previously published in Rattle #47: Tribute to Japanese Forms (Spring 2015).


About the author:

Roberta Beary is the haibun editor for Modern Haiku. She identifies as gender-expansive, and writes to connect with the disenfranchised, to let them know they are not alone. Her book The Unworn Necklace, named a William Carlos Williams finalist by the Poetry Society of America, is in its fourth printing. Her work is featured in A Companion to Poetic Genre (John Wiley & Sons, 2011) and Haiku In English: The First Hundred Years (W.W. Norton, 2013). Her book Deflection (Accents Publishing, 2015), a collection of haibun and haiku sequences on loss and grief, was named an Eric Hoffer Book Award Finalist and received a Touchstone Award Honorable Mention. Poet and playwright Grace Cavalieri says, “In Deflection she extends her reach with some of the most searingly truthful work I’ve seen this year.”

Visit her websites at www.robertabeary.com and https://www.facebook.com/robertabeary/

Read more of her work through the following links:










Twitter: @shortpoemz

Art: André Gonçalves, @andre_goncalves_arts

In the artist’s words:

André Gonçalves, born in 1987, lives and works on the island of Madeira. A lover of art in its many forms, he describes himself as a photo lunatic; eccentric and bizarre. He soon applied his knowledge and love for obscure use of imagery to define his own style of dark photography. As a lover of dark atmosphere and melancholy, he portrays the inside of a twisted chaotic mind generating emotions.  He has found his own way of playing with sad expressions, like some of his portraits show, as if he were silently screaming. His work has been showcased in several international and national magazines. He has joined a few international exhibitions in Paris and Italy. On the island of Madeira the viewer can see his work exhibited very often.

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