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The Ascension: Haibun by Peter Newton

05 Jun 2017, Posted by admin in Poetry

Art Credit: Robert Joyner


He woke on his last day with the palpable feeling of being an astronaut at lift-off.


Under an esplanade of leaves all moving at once through the nearly invisible

hospital sheers he recognized the slow brilliance, a warmth pulsing in complete command

of the sun.


heat wave


The curtains rose slowly as if the world was breathing life into the room.


the train cars too fast


A blast of long-stored fuel rushing up through a maze of chambers.

A gush of adrenaline flooding the vessels of his brain.

A flock of pigeons flapping wildly whoosh past the window.


to read their graffiti

“Procession Bouquet” by Juien Kim Beth

About the Author:

Peter Newton can be found on twitter @ThePeterNewton. More of his work can be found in the links below.

Contemporary Haibun Online’s Featured Writer commentary: http://contemporaryhaibunonline.com/pages113/A_Newton_FeaturedWriter.html

Contemporary Haibun Online’s Editor’s essay: “The World Rights Itself; A Comment on Peter Newton’s Haibun” by Jim Kacian


Contemporary Haibun Online Editor’s “Random Praise”: http://contemporaryhaibunonline.com/pages124/A_Lucky_Newton_RandomPraise.html

Peter Newton’s haibun book, Welcome to the Joy Ride, on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Welcome-Joy-Ride-Peter-Newton/dp/1628906308

Art Credit: Robert Joyner began painting in 2008 when he needed artwork for the walls of his college apartment. Joyner started painting in acrylics, moved to oils and, then, began experimenting with different types of mediums, and employs as many as possible. His goal is to create harmony within & through the chaos of different elements. Most of his current artwork is  acrylic and spray paint on either canvas or Yupo Paper. He works out of his studio in Dallas, Texas, where he listens to the exact same Dave Matthews Live albums every time he paints. Follow him for more amazing work @paintjoyner


  • Dan Nielsen

    It’s not quite 5:30 AM. This was a perfect start to my not quite last day.


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