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Art Feature: The Work of Dorthe Meyer

16 May 2017, Posted by admin in Art



GUCCI fantasy. Window display at GUCCI store 5th avenue New York. I got fascinated by the creative lush decoration and deliberately used the reflection of the opposite building to show that we are among skyscrapers in the greatest city of all. Afternoon 2016-11-28. Canon EOS 1000D; EF-S18-55mm lens; 1/100 sec.; F/7.1; ISO800


Blade Runner at day light. Where 42street meets Time Square in New York it looks like something out of the movie “Blade Runner”. My all times favorite Sci-fi. I have been fascinated by New York since childhood and it was a dream come true to spend 2 month there in fall of 2016. Late afternoon 2016-11-18. Canon EOS 1000D; EF-S18-55mm lens; 1/100 sec.; F/6.3; ISO2


People on 42street. This street is one of my favorites on Manhattan. Bryant park is a lovely oasis and the sky scrapers are handsome. People look so fragile compared to them, but they make a good combination.  The kaleidoscope effect reveals beautiful patterns. Afternoon 2016 – 11 – 19. Canon EOS 1000D; EF-S18-55mm lens; 1/200 sec.; F/5.6; ISO400


Trash Poster. The RAW Gelände area in Berlin is a great place to hang out. Derelict buildings and graffiti – slathered grounds make an oasis for photographic exploration. Clubs, bars and venues all having that distinct trashy look that we love. The street art is amazing and the details beautiful. Afternoon 2016 – 12 – 30. Canon EOS 1000D; EF-S18-55mm lens; 1/125 sec.; F/8; ISO400


Anarchy Garden. RAW – Gelände, Berlin. Details from a garden that was founded to commemorate fallen Communist politician Franz Stenzer. Afternoon 2016 – 12 – 30. Canon EOS 1000D; EF-S18-55mm lens; 1/160 sec.; F/9; ISO200


Wall of Barcelona. Barcelona is such a beautiful city. I just love the way the old city walls exudes history and lived life. Weathered walls can have such amazing patterns. Afternoon 2016 – 07 – 05. Canon EOS 1000D; EF-S18-55mm lens; 1/40 sec.; F/4; ISO200


Time Square Traffic. When I discovered the effect of turning my images into kaleidoscopes’ I was mesmerized by the beautiful patterns that emerged. Afternoon 2016 – 10 – 05. Canon EOS 1000D; EF-S18-55mm lens; 1/200 sec.; F/10; ISO400.


About the artist: 

Dorthe Meyer, 49 years old. Company: Designphotoart. From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Webshop: www.designphotoart.dk
Instagram: @designphotoart
Facebook: www.facebook.com/designphotoartist/
Shop: https://designphotoart.dk/

“In 1994 I won the title “Best Computer Graphic of the Year” in Denmark. I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Visual Communication (graphic design) from Ravensbourne College, London 1994-1997. Was taught photography on old-school SLR camera and darkroom processing at college and loved photography right away. I got my first digital camera 17 years ago, a small Canon Power Shot and my world expanded! Being able to upload the images directly to my computer was an invitation to play. Since then I have used my camera on several occasions and travels in India, Europe, and New York.  The arts have always been a great source of inspiration but my greatest drive is the exploration of the unknown, to go on so-called photo-safaris and discover what’s out there. To find the beauty in the overlooked.”

Dorthe Meyer




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