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Bodensee by Barry Basden

05 Apr 2017, Posted by admin in Fiction


They come for us just as we are leaving our lakeside villa, sold this morning for cash, a pittance in foreign currency. We escape by boat, all that we cherish in valises and sewn into our coats. We stand in the stern, watching tiny men scurry down the expanse of green to the beach below the house. We see flashes. You touch my hand and say something, but it breaks apart in the wind. You lift your arm and wave a fleeting goodbye. I think of your gardens, the swans, our world turning over as we move across the waves toward distant mountains, blue with snow in their afternoon shade. We will take the night train. We will find a place.


About the author:

Barry Basden lives in the Texas hill country with his wife and two yellow Labs. He is coauthor of Crack! and Thump: With a Combat Infantry Officer in World War II. His shorter work has been published widely, both online and in print. His latest flash collection is Wince.

Bodensee” was previously published in Ramshackle Review.


  • Christa

    Deeply touching. .reminds of war and being a refugee.


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