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Video of the Week: Phantasma by Genesis Ilada

23 Mar 2017, Posted by admin in Video

This poignant short piece reveals the emotion of longing and grief. It explores the menacing gift of immortality. The song “Angel Homeward” by Moby emphasizes the actor Trevor Stines’ dramatic performance in an unknown period setting.

Watch below:


This video was produced, directed and edited by Genesis Ilada. Karley Swarens served as the production manager as well as stylist for Trevor Stines.

Trevor Stines is signed with Mavrick Agency in Los Angeles.


Genesis Ilada is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Her artistic expression ranges from designing, makeup, photography and fashion film directing.

As her name suggests, which is the origin or the mode of formation of something, her love for photography started when she began her career in the field of Fashion as a make-up artist. She draws inspiration from a myriad of things ranging from her husband’s work boots, pop culture to the current socio-cultural temperature.

She has worked with artists such as Jared Leto, Green Day, Snoop Dog, Swedish House Mafia, Boys to Men to name a few. Her photographs have appeared in Cosmopolitan, Jute Magazine, HUF Magazine, Imute and VOGUE.

You can view her visual artwork at www.genesisilada.net

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