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The Colonies: Haibun by Jim Kacian

17 Mar 2017, Posted by admin in Poetry
Christopher Alexander VazQuez

Art Credit: “Monotonic Tresinence” by Christopher Alexander VazQuez


We have been right from the beginning. but in the wrong way. The gods did come from the heavens, but they were not more glorious versions of ourselves. They were the microbes hitchhiking through space on comets that crashed our planet some 3 billion years ago. One-celled organisms that could withstand the cold and the dark and the vacuum of space, the lack of oxygen, the radiation, the loneliness in a billion miles. Monocytes landed here and found an inhabitable planet, and began their colonization, until today they reign supreme. Unassailable in their simplicity, they have permitted a small series of permutations endlessly reiterated to arise into what seems like complexity to insufficient brains, such as ours. They have permitted consciousness to come into being, and with it belief systems and ambitions far removed from their own interests. For in truth we are merely the transport vehicles for these gods, a means of migration, hosts, and we carry a cloud of them before us everywhere we go, and leave a trail of them wherever we have been. Even our awareness of their hegemony cannot matter to them, since they are more alien, more adaptable, more ubiquitous than we can ever be. They have permitted us to see them only as isolated, if teeming, colonies, but if we could hold them at a remove, consider them all at the same time, we would see them as they really are: the face of God.

microwave static
from light years
and others

James Michael Kacian is an American haiku poet, editor, publisher, and public speaker. 


Art credit:
Abstract Gestural Actionism (A.G.A) on 12 x 18 in Mixed Media Paper
“Monotonic Tresinence”
Christopher Alexander VazQuez @cavartworks

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