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The World of Fantasy: Conceptual Photography of Chris Rivera

02 Dec 2016, Posted by admin in Photography


Rivera’s work carefully joins the surreal with nature to create landscapes and spaces that seem magical, mystical or desolate. His strongest pieces, in black and white, cast figures as larger than life than the land they stand on (The Giants), or too small and fragile to survive the rocky landscape (Suspended). Haunting is a word that comes to mind.



In other pieces, the fantastical has a touch of humor. Twisted Tongue is one example, or the shrouded, ghost-like figure that seems contradictorily terrified of the small human before it (Dark Matter Part I). Some figures seem blissfully unaware of the magic that surrounds them, or perhaps acclimated to its novelties, while others, such as the Surrendering, straightforwardly struggle with otherworldly forces.


 Rivera explains on his website that his photos “his photos are based on the world of fantasy: whether it be whimsical or dark.” That his work so easily allows the viewer to enter into these fantastical worlds is one of its strongest attributes. We look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.


About the author:

Chris Rivera is a fine art and conceptual photographer living in Southern California. Some publications that have featured his work include Photoshop, Fubiz, Mashable, Die Ziet and Lehigh University, His work is influenced by music (hip-hop), sci-fi and fantasy movies (Harry Potter), folklore, color and minimalism. You can find more of his work at http://www.christopherj.org/

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